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Data Center



:: To understand the basic design, installation, testing & commissioning, documentation, maintenance, troubleshooting and restoration of fiber optics cabling works
:: To recognize the critical aspects of fiber optics cable design and its component with relation to Cost, Performance, Time and Risk.
:: To know the manpower requirement in relation to leadership, teamwork and conflict management.
:: To well verse on test gears requirement and testing &commissioning method in compliance to international standard.
:: Able to briefly analyze data on the performance of fiber optics cables upon completion of installation at site in relation to fiber optics specification and requirement.
:: Able to fully documented the fiber optics cabling works from design up to handing over fiber optics completion work.

Fiber Optics Infrastructure Management

:: Cable Management and Receipt Inspection
:: Monitoring Cable Pulls as an In-process Inspection
:: Connector Installation Inspection
:: Connector Finishing Inspection
:: Microscope Views, The Difference Between a Good and a Bad Polish
:: Allowances for Repair of a Connector
:: Basic Testing Procedures and How to Evaluate Test Reports
:: Summary, Written Certification Exam and Final In-Class Inspection Criteria Evaluation

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