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MEED Data Centre Service


Meed Networks Technologies helps clients design, right-size and integrate data center solutions that energize cloud services, secure mobility, multifaceted collaboration and all types of virtualization.

In order to avoid over-spending and realize all the benefits of virtualization, we take an interactive approach with customers by evaluating current investments, stakeholder needs and business objectives. We then apply multi-disciplinary expertise to pinpoint the right technologies that will ensure that virtualization efforts support the whole enterprise - from the desktop through the network and in the data center.
Meed Networks Data Center experts possess decades of experience, expertise in leading solutions and apply industry best practices to each and every initiative.

The Key to Cost Effective Strategies: Defining Objectives and Assessing Assets
To help customers focus priorities and budgets, we offer assessments that can be completed in just over 30 days.

Data Center

Cloud and Virtualization Readiness

Evaluates the impact that a virtual infrastructure deployment will have on a client's data center, including how it can improve server management, maximize uptime and streamline deployment.

Desktop Virtualization Readiness

Provides a report card on current infrastructure readiness and presents a strategic roadmap of how to effectively size, structure, deploy, manage and optimize a virtual desktop solution.

Backup Assessment

Provides insight into how backups are performing, the amount of data being backed-up, backup target statistics and many more important data points.

Data Deduplication Assessment

Provides information on back-up and archiving requirements or limitations, as well as data that can be used to properly architect and size a deduplication solution.

We Help Customers Choose and Invest in the Right Solutions

From server virtualization, to storage networks, to modular computing technology, we can help clients choose solutions that will realize substantial cost savings and optimize current investments. Our data center experts have experience in a broad range of solution sets from leading manufacturers, and are vendor agnostic when recommending technologies for:

Application Integration and Storage Design: Optimize availability and service levels Cloud Solutions: Answer the mandate to reduce costs and increase flexibility Disaster Recovery (DR) and Continuity of Operations (COOP): Meet requirements while improving availability Backup/Recovery: Streamline backup processes while improving efficiency Consolidation: The successful migration of data to improve efficiency

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