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Students today live in a world of social media, cell phones and streaming videos. No matter what they are doing, be it chatting with friends or catching up with current trends/events, technology is integral in their lives. That is why it works so effectively in the classroom – because it can play just as vital a role in how students learn. The best technology products not only engage students today, but also prepare them for tomorrow. Your technology investments should inspire student achievement, be easy to use and help instructors create dynamic lessons.

SMART solutions transform higher education teaching and learning spaces into technology-enabled environments that engage students in extraordinary ways, improve learning outcomes and support innovation, achievement and success.

Our solutions also help instructors become more efficient and effective. They can save their lecture and then create catalogs of instruction or distribute course materials directly to students. And with more time and interactive teaching tools, it’s easier for instructors to support students as they build the collaboration abilities, critical thinking skills and knowledge they need for successful careers.

These solutions are also scalable and simple to install, integrate and maintain. As your campus grows, you can easily add interactive technology products to more learning spaces, and you can be sure they will work with your existing investments.

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Smart Technology

MeedNetworks is a SMART™ Technologies dealer. We sell, service and support SMART interactive whiteboards, document cameras, audience response systems and wireless tablets. Rely on our experience and expertise to help you choose the best SMART solution for your needs and your budget.

SMART Board® interactive whiteboards

The world’s leading interactive whiteboard combines the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a computer, and brings interactivity to any environment.

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SMART Podium™ 500 Series Interactive Pen Display

Bring any presentation to life with an interactive pen display that allows you to interact with content effortlessly from the front of the room.

SMART Response™ interactive response systems

Our interactive response systems allow you to obtain quick insight into learning, track student performance and organize assessment results in the built-in gradebook.

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SMART Table® Interactive Learning Center

The world’s first interactive table for primary education, the SMART Table is designed to let several students work and explore on the display at once.

SMART Document Camera™

Instantly display images of any object – then transform them into digital lesson content.

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SMART Slate™ Wireless Slate

Interact with digital content as you move around the classroom. Or hand the slate to students who can demonstrate their knowledge while their work is projected for classmates to see.

Getting to Another Level of Design

Get more from your interactive whiteboard or display with accessories that will save you time and enhance collaboration.

SMART Classroom Suite™ Interactive Learning Software

Create, organize, manage and assess with our integrated software suite, which includes SMART Notebook, SMART Notebook SE, SMART Sync and SMART Response CE.

SMART Audio™ Classroom Amplification System

Our classroom amplification system ensures every word in every lesson comes in loud and clear.

SMART Notebook™ Collaborative Learning Software

Create, deliver and manage interactive lessons with SMART Notebook software, and add SMART Notebook Math Tools to get everything you need to make math lessons more engaging. There is also SMART Notebook SE (Student Edition), which helps you personalize learning, and SMART Notebook Express, so educators everywhere can open, interact with and share SMART Notebook software files.

SMART Sync™ Classroom Management Software

Make the most of class time with our classroom management software. SMART Sync enables you to effortlessly monitor computer activity, keep students focused on learning and encourage student collaboration.

SMART Ideas® Concept-Mapping Software

SMART Ideas concept-mapping software helps students visualize and analyze complex ideas by building multilevel interactive maps.

SMART Vantage™ Technology-Management Software

Gain insight into your classroom technology use.


Co-created by SMART and Hatch Early Learning, CoreFocus is a comprehensive K–1 content solution with over 2,500 math and literacy learning activities designed in SMART Notebook collaborative learning software, all aligned to the U.S. Common Core State Standards.

LightRaise™ 40wi Interactive Projector

Backed by over 20 years of innovation in educational technology, the LightRaise 40wi interactive projector enables you to add interactivity to almost any surface. This pen-enabled, ultra-short-throw interactive projector is ideal for environments where there is a greater focus on directed learning.