Cabling Services

Fiber optics has become the predominant communications medium, not just for telephones, but also for cable television, security systems and computer networks. Now, fiber is being used for the final telecom connection directly to the home! Workers in all these fields are expected to understand how fiber optics is used and, in many cases, be competent in its installation. Training in these areas has become extremely important Meed Networks, the FOA (Fiber Optic Association) approved Academy is prepared to help.


Fiber infrastructure offers availability, scalability, and almost unlimited bandwidth that makes FTTH deployment truly cost-efficient.

Passive fiber links do not deteriorate in the field, lasting therefore indefinitely unless they are cut or removed.

Ideal for service providers and telecommunications carriers, a FTTx infrastructure is a long-term service solution enabling them to provide existing and forthcoming B2B and B2C services, and thus generate new sales leads.

Prices for fiber optic cable and transceivers have dropped significantly; currently, the difference between a fiber infrastructure and its copper counterpart doesn’t exceed approx.10% and it is expected to soon disappear. Modular installations with less technical workmanship requirements will soon make the fiber infrastructure cheaper.