Network Infrastructure

Our Network Infrastructure solutions are designed to ensure that our clients links are reliable, resilient, robust and of course affordable. We employ the use of best of breed products and technologies in our design phase such as Fiber Optics, VSAT, VPN, Broadband Wireless, Free Space Optics, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max to mention a few.

This in turn will provide seamless and unbroken communication between various

  • Branch offices and headquarters
  • Warehouses and administrative buildings
  • Offshore and onshore locations
  • Chain of hotels, restaurants and other hospitality spots
VSAT Solution

A highly scalable Solution that allows for enhanced flexibility to meet the different bandwidth needs of diverse network sizes and business process requirements. Flexible and scalable earth stations are operated using iDirect platform technology.

This solution also takes into consideration the importance of real time online applications e.g. VPN, VOIP, ERP, The VSAT Service is available on a variety of platforms C-Band and Ku-Band to suit the changing needs of our customers.

Wireless Radio Network Deployment

With the advent of point to point, WiFi and Hotspots solutions, we have skilled and competent wireless engineers who would build, operate and deploy all the necessary equipments to achieve a truly interconnected network.

Unlike conventional radio solutions, our radio equipment is able to surpass frequency interference as a result of congestion by utilizing higher bandwidth of up to 40Mb. This in turn allows for transmission over long haul distance.

With the expertise of our staff in the management and deployment of LAN, MAN and WAN infrastructure, We can advise, design, and implement cost effective based network topology for small, medium and enterprise organizations.

Our Enterprise Management team is focused on the deployment of Enterprise Management Solutions for companies seeking to organize, streamline, and more effectively manage their enterprise network. Our professionals will design, install and configure the following:

Enterprise Network, Applications and Systems Management Fault, Performance, Availability, Capacity Planning and Bandwidth Management

CISCO Solution

As Cisco Premier Partners we are strategically positioned to help proffer solutions, purchase build and maintain your Cisco network devices in a timely fashion, and with our experienced Cisco certified engineers you are assured of the optimal and professional service.