Data Center

We offer data centers with state-of-the-art infrastructure, resilient utilities, and high levels of site and server security.

Our carefully controlled data centre environments optimize server performance, minimize costs and help you monitor your systems.

Companies no longer want to build, manage and maintain their own data centers.

It’s simply too costly to run a highly available, secure, and scalable data center for core applications. It costs $200 per square foot to build your own data center. 

Many companies can’t get the capital expenses (CAPEX) for new IT equipment, let alone the funds for a new data center or to improve their current facility.

Businesses want to direct their limited capital towards innovation and growth, rather than infrastructure and operational fundamentals.

On-site systems consultants and technical staff provide intelligent advice and support whenever you need it.

Security:- Multi-layered physical protection

Our data centre is safeguarded by a ring of defences – including 24/7 on-site security presence, perimeter fencing, biometric scan entry system, HD CCTV, and full access control with audit trail.

Power and cooling:- Guaranteed 100% availability

A private on-site HV network and power supply provide high resilience, with a minimum 2N redundancy, so even if a system fails, performance will be unaffected. The super-efficient infrastructure delivers class-leading PUE (power usage effectiveness), saving energy and costs.

Connectivity:- Carrier neutral site

We offer on-site connectivity to a diverse range of services and providers. We also have our ‘house’ connectivity, which provides IP transit (internet access), as well as data centre to data centre connectivity with a reach that’s constantly expanding.

Support:- The industry’s fastest response and resolution times

Clients have 24/7 direct access to third line technical experts. Our team has an exceptionally high level of competence, with expertise in supporting colocation. We’re big enough to provide round-the-clock coverage, but small enough to know individual customers and their installations.