Upgrading Nigeria Ministry of Interior’s Data Management System

Ministry of Interior


The Ministry of Interior is assigned the statutory role of maintaining internal security and monitoring the entry and exit points across Nigeria’s borders as well as preventing undesirable elements from entering the country.

The Ministry exercises supervisory control on several security agencies like Nigerian Correctional Service, Nigeria Immigration Service, Federal Fire Service, Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, The Civil Defence, Immigration, Prisons, Fire Service Board (CDFIPB). 

As part of the ministry’s drive to implement structural changes and deliver on its mandate, it sought to upgrade its document security and facilitate timely inter-agency collaboration.

MEED Networks won the contract to establish an Electronics Data Management System for the Ministry of Interior after a competitive bidding process.

The Challenge

The project objective was to ensure that the Ministry’s digital assets generated by capturing, indexing, storage, retrieval can be accessed and processed in a secured electronic format. The project also seeks to improve data security and eliminate paperwork through digitization of old file records, archiving and digitizing the operations of the ministry thereby reducing its operational cost.


MEED Networks designed and implemented an EDMS by revamping the Local Area Network infrastructure to effectively support the new technology and solution.

MEED Network procured, set up, and configured dedicated servers deployed to run the EDMS application software, database, web server, and backup systems, and 50 scan stations comprising high-capacity desktop computers with high volume capacity scanners spread across various departments within the ministry. During implementation, a total of 4.5 million documents were scanned, categorized/classified, and stored.

To facilitate easy migration of the old file system and ensure seamless operation and utilization of the EDMS, MEED Networks organized separate and classified training for the technical team and its end-users.


The implementation of the Electronic Data Management System (EDMS) has brought overwhelming benefit to an asset-heavy organization like the Ministry of Interior, some of which are:

  • The Ministry’s documents are automatically and electronically filled in a traceable and logical order without working through tons of paper or travel far within the ministry. This has increased the synergy between agencies under the ministry.
  • EDMS has decreased inter-agency document search and retrieval time.
  • The EDMS has strengthened document Security and Process Control with role-based user control built into the system.
  • With the right access level, the staff of the ministry can work on documents remotely irrespective of location.
  • Inbuilt storage and backup capability to prevent data loss and guarantee business continuity in case of disaster, data recovery protocol is initiated to retrieve all lost files.

The Ministry of Interior processes, documents management, and data security have been transformed by implementing the Electronic Data Management System.