Cisco Technology

At MEED Networks we realise that there is a global change that has transformed the workspace and is now redefining how and where work gets done.

The future has changed and even more apparent is that this change is evolving. There is a major shift in our lives, our work, the way we learn, and how we communicate with the world.

Our understanding of Cisco, with over 100 Cisco Certifications, various Cisco Specializations and our CCIEs, we are quite aware of what it takes to have a relationship that works. 

These expertise allow us to differentiate ourselves with expert deployment, managed services and providing first-call collaborative and coordinated support around projects and solutions.

Data Center

MEED Networks understands that for forward-thinking businesses, there is an urgency to transform at a rate that has never been seen. With the flexibility and security of Cisco, we deliver transformative solutions that meet your requirements for today and can grow with you into tomorrow. 

It’s been estimated that 75% of companies have decided to accelerate their transformation plans because of this pandemic.

Now is the time to transform your infrastructure. Bringing together the clouds you have, the environment you want, and the results you need - from core, to edge, to cloud.


MEED Networks and Cisco are focused on driving results with a more secure, resilient network. Our world is facing an acceleration in the frequency, diversity, and impact of disruptions. 

Planning your network to help your organization respond to the unexpected is now more important than ever. We deploy faster because of our ability to work together to evaluate your infrastructure and support your organizations’ objectives by consistently delivering connected digital services reliably and securely.


Protecting what’s now and what’s next. We know security is top of mind and we are here to provide simplicity, visibility and efficiency across your security infrastructure. 

With an increase in complexity, remote workforce and the unprecedented growth of unsecured devices on home networks. 

We are your partners to ensuring a secure connection wherever you are. Investing in cybersecurity is now more critical than ever.


Technology that puts organizations and teams first, we can keep your organization connected with seamless collaboration across distributed teams. It’s time for you to reimagine what your opportunity is, who your customer base is and how you reach them. 

We provide opportunities to create new efficiencies that you never knew existed. This is the right time to modernize, move to the cloud and take advantage of Cisco technology to transform.